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Cavity wall insulation (CWI) when installed correctly, is an excellent way to reduce energy costs

However, recent studies have shown that up to 3 million homes in the UK are now affected by damp and slumped or missing insulation due to substandard CWI installations. This has resulted in a whole new claims industry whereby home owners could be entitled to compensation to pay for CWI extraction and re-installation.

There are various scenarios where existing CWI should be extracted and new CWI installed correctly;

The Blue Square Group are highly experienced in CWI extraction, re-installation and rectifying all issues caused by damp.

CWI Extraction
The existing CWI is removed by our highly trained operatives, using industrial vacuum machines. The extraction process will start from the base of the property, ensuring all the debris is removed along with the insulation and an active damp course will be installed.

Once the existing CWI has been removed and the damp course installed, new CWI will be installed and all issues caused by damp will be repaired or refurbished as required.

If you are a home owner, concerned about dam issues in your property caused by CWI or you are a claims management Company looking for a quality extraction, installation and refurbishment Company for your clients, contact us now and we’ll explain in more detail how we can rectify these issues.

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